There are very few documents remaining from the Arab rule of Mallorca but there are enough to confirm that Biniamar was a cluster of houses. According to the Alcover-Moll dictionary, the name “Biniamar” is of Arab origin. It probably derives from “bani ahmar” (children of the red) or “bani Ammar”, a person’s name according to Asin Top.

It is a historical fact that after the Catalan conquest several Saracen houses were occupied in the farm of Beniamar. On 31 March 1229 King Jaume gave the farm to the canon of Tarragona, among other properties, even though the donation is unclear and does not appear in the “Llibre del Repartiment”. It is also a historical fact that a mayor ruled on behalf of the canon in the 13th century. He defended his rights and administered justice. The mayors of Biniamar had a book in which they registered the agreements they reached in case of lawsuits, complaints, guardianship awards, etc.

Source: “Historia de Biniamar” by Ramón Rosselló Vaquero.

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