S’Olivar is the name of the school of our town, Moscari. It is a small multigrade school due to the small number of students. S’Olivar school opens from 9am to 2pm and offers second cycle of nursery school and 1st and 2nd grades of primary education.


Our school is different from other schools due to the fact that it is small school, which implies that the atmosphere, treatment and functioning are different.

Due to the reduced number of students in our school, we can offer a personalized education of higher standards. It is an important aspect that helps us boost the children’s independence, responsibility and self-esteem.

Furthermore, we promote other aspects such as cooperation and complicity within a group and close ties between children of different ages. This entails a higher quality of education.
The importance of the school-family link is also worth bearing in mind. Due to our characteristics, the links are tight and the collaboration of the parents and other members of the family is relevant, both in school and out-of-school activities.

Finally, the school is staffed with a full-time teacher and English, physical education, music and religion teachers who also teach in other small schools.
In short, our school is small and familiar and our experience and understanding of education are different. The children and their development are our main focus.

CP S’Olivar school community.

C.P. S’Olivar parents’ association

The C.P. s’Olivar parents’ association of Moscari is very involved in the school activities. All the parents are members of the association because it is a small group. They all take part in the activities and the children are very happy to receive the help of their parents.

For further information please call the school and ask for Marta, the teacher, or Maria Antonia, the president of the association.

C/ Alfons XIII, 10
07316 oscari

Phone Number 971 875158

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