The name of Moscari is mentioned in documents of 1230 as Moscàritx. But there is a debate over its etymology. While Josep Mascaró Pasarius considers that it derives from the Latin MUSCUS (moss), the philologist Joan Coromines believes that it comes from the Latin MUSCARIA, “Montpelier cistus”, “shrub”. Following this reasoning , Moscari originally meant “the place with an abundance of shrubs”. On the other hand, the linguist Álvaro Galmés de Fuentes takes the Latin MUSCUS as the starting point of his theory and interprets it as “musk”, meaning a “place rich in musk plants or musk-scented flowers”. Whatever the case may be, it is a Mozarabic word similar to Caimàritx, Costitx, etc which dropped the “–tx” ending in the 14th century.

Source: “Moscari y su distrito” by Antoni Ordinas Garau, Antoni París Morey and Francesca Rotger Moyá..


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